Research Centers

Science and Technology Park covers:

  1. The construction of the building for the Centre for Sustainable Building and Energy

    The building is to serve demonstration, training and research functions (implementation of solutions improving energy efficiency, sustainable building solutions, optimization of renewable energy usage and research in sustainable energy).

  2. The construction of the technology hall with an office building for the Centre for Information Technologies

    The strategic goal is to create conditions for complete usage of the region’s research and industry potential and to stimulate industry growth, particularly in the areas of high technologies.
    The application area of high technologies: materials technology, machine operation, automation, modern computer networks, logistic and production process modelling, designing electric devices and integrated systems.

  3. The construction of the building for the Innovation Centre – „Technologies for human health”


    • The development of new technologies fostering the improvement of living and health conditions: medical diagnosis systems (biosensors); image processing; intelligent telemetric systems (tele-healing).
    • Technologies for production of new generation biomaterials: biodegradable polymeres, nano-structural and nano-composite materials).
    • The restricting and decreasing social effects of civilization diseases: mechatronics in diagnostics, monitoring and non-invasive treatments; rehabilitation devices; robots.
  4. The rebuilding of a monumental facility (villa) – The Logistic Centre of the Research and Technology Park and the Platform for Science and Economy

    The modernized building will serve for administration, social and hotel purposes for the planned Research and Technology Park of the University of Zielona Góra, as well as for the Platform for Science and Economy Zielona Góra-Cottbus, which was officially founded on 13 February 2010 with the participation of authorities of the cities of Zielona Góra and Cottbus and the University of Zielona Góra and BTU Cottbus.